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July 24-27, 2017
54th American Austin
Bantam Club Meet
Reading, Pennsylvania

Welcome picnic, swap meet, car tour, technical seminar and banquet for registered club members.
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Welcome to the world's first organization dedicated exclusively to the restoration and preservation of American Austin and Bantam vehicles that were built in Butler, Pennsylvania. The club welcomes owners and fans of American Austin, American Bantam, Bantam Reconnaissance Cars, as well as the English Austin Seven and its derivatives.
American Austin and Bantam cars remain popular
In January 2017, five American Austin and Bantam cars were sold at an Arizona auction. It may have been the largest group of Austin and Bantam cars to go on the block in recent history. The selling prices of $23,000 to $58,000 reflected the crowd's interest in these above average cars. We have good news. Cars can still be found for a lot less than those current auction prices. Often times in the excitement of the auction, bidding can become competitive, driving prices upward.

If you're looking for a car, consider
joining the American Austin Bantam Club. Members can place a free classified in our award winning American Austin Bantam Club News, a recipient of 16 Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Awards. We write about the cars and the company behind them, not just the social activities.

Become educated about the cars before making a purchase. Are you looking for an American Austin or American Bantam? Both cars were American-made by workmen in an American plant in Butler, Pennsylvania. Do you want an open or closed car? Some models may be scarcer to find than others.
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Better yet, come to the national meet. Kick some tires. See the cars up close. Make new friends. For registered members, there's a welcome picnic, swap meet, technical seminar, car judging, awards banquet and charity auction. The national meet is held at a different location every year. During the club's past 55 years, the meet has been held in 23 states and Canada.

If you can't make it, that's okay. The club offers a subscription to the
American Austin Bantam Club News. The newsletter delivers fresh stories six times a year. So don't delay--join today!
This 1940 American Bantam roadster, 1940 Bantam pickup and 1932 Austin panel truck went to auction in 2017.
Will you be comfortable sitting behind the wheel? The car is 120 inches long with a 75-inch wheelbase. The width is 54 to 56 inches, just right for that empty spot in your garage. It weighs about 1200 pounds, easily towed in a small trailer. These cars get about 40 miles per gallon with a top cruising speed of 40-45 miles per hour.

Learn to spot what is right for an authentically restored vehicle. Spot the areas that are incorrect and figure out how much it might cost to bring it up to standard. The
American Austin Bantam Club News just published a parts resource list for its members in the January 2017 issue.
A 1940 American Bantam roadster and a 1939 American Bantam speedster at the 2016 Michigan national meet.
In 2016, the club released an updated American Austin Bantam Club Authenticity Manual with a new 35-page Illustrated Spotter's Guide. This 150 page manual is the only authoritative restoration source devoted to the American Austin and Bantam cars built between 1930 and 1940. The data has been categorized into hundreds of reference tables to clarify model differences and details ranging from body panels, upholstery fabrics, paint colors, pin stripes and accessories.

Soft cover with Wire-O binding. Inside pages are black and white. For ordering information, please visit our
membership perks page.

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A public display of American Austin and Bantam cars was held Wednesday evening at the 2016 national meet in Monroe, Michigan. To see more car photos, visit the events page.