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July 28 to July 31, 2014
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Welcome to the world's first organization dedicated exclusively to the restoration and preservation of American Austin and Bantam vehicles that were built in Butler, Pennsylvania. The club welcomes owners and fans of American Austin, American Bantam, Bantam Reconnaissance Cars, as well as the English Austin Seven and its derivatives.
Missing Austin & Bantam cars from the Cold Case files
Mike's dad purchased a 1930 American Austin 5-window Cabin Coupe along with 18 other cars at an estate sale in Tennessee. After sitting more than 30 years, the engine fired right up after the fluids were changed and the coil replaced. His dad even drove the car around the yard. What's remarkable is that this car is body number 15. It may be the oldest American Austin ever found and then again, maybe not. Do you have a car with a lower body number?
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A recently discovered photo, dated May 2, 1930, of an American-made Austin 7 raises more questions than answers. This one-of-a-kind-car was built by the Budd Manufacturing Corp. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to its discovery, we were unaware that Budd or any other coach builder had built Austin Seven bodies in the United States. The first American Austin rolled out of the factory near the end of May 1930. Why would Budd build an American version of the Austin 7 around the same time? Was this a rejected American Austin design? And where is the car today?
Bruce has been looking for "Cricket", the family's 1940 American Bantam roadster for years. Its was easy to identify by its all-chrome grille. In the late 1950s, the car was sold to a Pennsylvania man, who had the car for nearly 30 years. When he passed in 1981, the estate placed a classified in our newsletter: "1940 Bantam roadster, black and red, in excellent condition, completely restored, but not stock. MG engine & transmission, Nash Metropolitan differential and hydraulic brakes." Have you seen this car?

Other lost cars include a 1939 American Bantam Roadster deluxe body #63001. The car was last seen in Florida during the 1980s and may have ties to a famous author. A notorius architect owned 1939 American Bantam Coupe body #62930. If you have any of these cars or know where they are, please eMail us at

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