American Austin Bantam Club 

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Our national meets are held in a different location every year. Since 1962, the club has visited 23 states and Canada. We host a technical seminar, swap meet, vintage car tour, car judging and annual awards banquet. Bring your camera for you'll see some of the finest American Austin and Bantam cars in the country. Members are encouraged to bring their cars, regardless of condition.


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Calendar of Events

June 4 to 7, 2018
55th Annual Meet
Pine Mountain, Georgia

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Welcome picnic, swap meet, vintage car tour, car judging, technical seminar and awards banquet for registered club members. 

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Swap meet
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Technical seminar
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Vintage car tour
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Car show at the 2016 national meet in Monroe, Michigan.

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Our vintage car tours are as colorful as a bag of M&Ms as the parade goes down the street.  The cars always draw a crowd!

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