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Why do you join a car club?  It's a reliable networking tool.  With cars this rare, owners are few and far between  so they rely on the club to connect them with cars, parts and restoration resources. In 2016, we released the updated AABC Authenticity Manual, which continues to be popular item among restorers.  Six times a year, the club publishes the AABC Club News, an award-winning newsletter chalkful of history, restoration tips and other topics of interest. 


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American Austin Bantam Authenticity Manual 

American Austin Bantam Club Authenticity Manual 

AABC Member Discounted Price: $40.00 each*
Non-member, $65.00 each*
*For shipment within the USA.
Canada orders, add $17.00
Foreign orders, add $26.00

Make checks payable to:
American Austin Bantam Club
P.O. Box 63
Kirkville, NY 13082-0063

2016 edition, 150 pages. 8 1/2" x11" soft cover, Wire-O-Bound book. Full color cover, front and back. Inside pages are black and white. Pages are printed on both sides. This is devoted exclusively to the American Austin and American Bantam built in Butler, PA between 1930 and 1940. Information was gleaned from factory artifacts, blueprints, inspection records, sales and service bulletins and advertising collateral. The data was categorized into hundreds of reference tables to clarify model differences and details ranging from body panels and upholstery fabrics to paint colors, pin stripes and accessories. Sections include: frame & wheels, engine & transmission, interior components, model & production figures, descriptions of each model and more. Within the manual is a 35-page illustrated car spotter's guide with 125 period photographs depicting American Austin and Bantam models plus factory customs, foreign bodied variations, BRCs and trailers. Members wanting technical specs are urged to consult period automotive manuals. 

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American Austin Bantam Club News is a reliable networking tool. 

For more than 17 years, Old Cars Weekly has presented its Golden Quill Awards to the American Austin Bantam Club News. The editors fill its pages with just the right balance of entertainment, education, large, clear photographs, original technical drawings and vintage advertising. The newsletter is published six times a year.

The club offers a number of technical articles written by our club members sharing what they have learned while restoring their cars. 

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