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American austin  1930 to 1934

The American Austin may have been conceived on British soil but was born a true Yank. Sir Herbert Austin introduced his tiny English Austin Seven in 1922. The American Austin Car Company was organized in 1929 to manufacture the American version of the Austin Seven in Butler, Pennsylvania. Expectations were high but sales were low. Sadly, American Austin filed for bankruptcy in June 1934 after building 20,000 vehicles. 

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1930 Austin Roadster
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1931 Austin Business Coupe
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1932 Austin Cabriolet
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1933 Austin Suburban
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1934 Austin Pickup
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The American Austin was designed in America for the American market. No parts are interchangeable with its English predecessor.

American Austin Specifications:
Production Years 1930-1934
Wheelbase: 75 inches
Payload: 500 pounds
Engine: 14 horsepower, 4 cylinder

Designer: Count Alexis deSakhnoffsky

Body Styles and Production Years:
5-Window Coupe, 1930-1934
3-Window Business Coupe, 1931
Cabriolet, 1932
Four Seater, long wheelbase, 1932
Panel Truck, 1931-1934
Pickup Truck, 1931-1934
Roadster, 1930-1934
Roadster Pickup, 1932-1933
Suburban, 1933
Van, 1932-1933